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13-03-11, 17:17

I hope you can help answer a couple of question that I have

1. In the main menu when I select STATUS there are 4 different states, what are the difference between the blue and the green state?

2. How long should an export be (400 movies)

3. does Yadis 2 export all movies/tv shows every time or only the new additions to the DB.

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13-03-11, 19:06
Hi chewie1,

I will try to answer your questions:

1) the green one can be set manually (right click -> change status) and shows e.g. movies you checked/modified yourself - compared to the ones processed (only) via yaDIS. But (!) be aware tht this status will be lost if you re-process the movie (e.g. because of new yaDIS version).

2) I can not tell how long it "should" be ;), but mine lasts 5-6 minutes (~300 movies)

3) IMHO yaDIS checks all files and indices in the DB -what could be the reason for the duration- but exports only the changes.

Hope this helps a little