View Full Version : HHD on PC using Yadis

20-03-11, 21:26
at the moment I use Yadis with my external HDDs. They are pluged into my computer via USB when I run Yadis to get all the movie information. After exporting all Yadis-Data to my dune, I take the Harddrives and plug the into the dune via USB. There ist no problem in using Yadis this way because on my computer they are called "Film Datenbank 1,2,3,4...". On the dune its same same.
Now I want to take all my Harddrives into my computer to have them internal. What do I have to do now?

At my Setup, when adding or editing a folder.
For the "Dune path" now is used "storrage label", what do I have to take now? The Dune has to get the movies from my computer.

I think I have to use SMB?!


user = my computer
password = my password
host/share/path = only the folder like its called in network?

Dune Path is for my Dune?!?
Folder is just for me and Yadis?!?