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03-04-11, 22:00
hello all,

I`m new on this forum, but have read a lot on this forum.

but now my question.

It is the same as more problems on here.

My setup.

I have a pc (windows 7) with 6 hdd in it

on each drive are movies in different genres
disk 1 action
disk 2 horror - thriller
etc etc...

my ip adres of the pc is
of the dune

in the dune i have a usb for system storage, and there i want the yadis folder to be stored.

the workspace is C:\workspace
de dune interface location is \\DUNE\hard_disk_46e82e4f_0f62_4a59_9e6b_c71b228fe 1d7\_yaDIS

The folder path is F:\action

Dune path is smb:// (i think:confused:)

Can you help me please

before with yadis 1.0 i had no problems..



04-04-11, 07:51
You can find a manual here


To begin with, get rid of genres maps on your harddrives, yadis sorts them automatically
(although you may leave it that way for your own interest)

workspace is ok
dune interface location , im not sure if thats correct, you want this to be your usb stick
First things, you say you use it as system storage...
Is the stick devided into 2 partitions? if not, then it simply wont work, since dune formats it in ext2 format and uses all for system storage
So if you want yadis on it, you should make 2 partitions, one for system storage, on for data, where you can have yadis on

we go on further if you provide info :)