View Full Version : Cleaning old movie help

18-04-11, 05:27
What's the recommended way to clean out movies you've deleted?

I have a few that still appear in my interface folder and in my exported interface on the dune. Can i just delete the folders in the interface folder by searching or will that screw something up?

How come they are not getting cleaned out when i delete them from my data folder?

18-04-11, 08:22

normally these movies will appear with an orange question-mark in the movie list of yaDIS (movies, which cannot be located. Either these are deleted movies or the location is not available (example external disk not connected).
Right click on these items and use Delete.

I have had some trouble with this from time to time (the movie was not deleted from the list).
In this case restart yaDIS and try again.

Once delete from yaDIS, you will have to export to the Dune to update the interface on the Dune.

Hope this helps,

18-04-11, 13:58
Thanks. yeah they are not in Yadis at all. They are not in my data folder either but they are in all of the other folders that it generates for genre, alphabet, etc. i'll try just deleting from there and re-exporting.