View Full Version : Problems with TV-Shows - "not found"

04-05-11, 10:34
When I export my Movies and TV-Shows generated with yadis to my Dune HD Smart, I cannot access the TV-Shows. Movies work OK. I can browse through TV-Shows, as well, view Details of Seasons and Episodes but when I try to play one, I get an error message like "yadis/02/002/002001" no such file or directory.
This one refers to my USB Storage I suppose, but this directory exists an there are two file in there. yadis_folder.txt and a second one that I can't remember the name. As said Movies work and I really like the interface. Does anybody have a clue what could be wrong here?

05-05-11, 10:05
I think I am close to a solution. The problem seems to be blanks in the directory name. Movies like "300" or "2012" work fine but if there is a blank in the dirname like "A perfect getaway" It says "no such file or directory". So this is not limited to TV-Shows. I'm pretty sure this gets mentioned somewhere either in the forum or the manual, but I had to learn it the hard way. Currently my index is rebuilt and I will know shortly if that was the problem.

06-05-11, 09:42
OK, problem solved. Actually there were two problems, one problem indeed was the blank character in the directory name. The second error was my non-functional NFS on my Synology NAS. SMB works fine. My TV-Shows are on the Syno, whereas the movies are on my QNAP, where NFS works flawlessly.

06-05-11, 11:29
I had the same issue.
Just deleted the folder in the workspace and re-imported the serie and it worked again like a charm.:D

11-05-11, 10:51
Next glitch.
Windows does - as we all know - NOT care about the case of foldernames, whereas NFS does. So when you rename a folder to all uppercase after it has been indexed by yaDIS, the Dune will fail with the message "no such file or directory", as the export function seems to keep "unchanged" folders. In the txt file in this directory the pathname is in the old writing and NFS fails. SMB should work though, i haven't tested that.
Im sick and tired of reindexing and customizing my movies :) But when you know what to avoid, then it's really great.