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16-05-11, 22:50

I have a dune smart b1
And yadis 2.05
Newist firmware.

first instal is great and easy.
Build a nice movie wall.

Problem is movie starts correctly, but after some seconds it starts
To shake. am i doing something wrong here or did i forget somethibg.

The same movie runs perfect from normal player.

Sugestios annybody

17-05-11, 09:00
Do you access them both in the same way ?
i.e. both use NFS or SMB ?
I've noticed that there can be a difference in the way you access your files.

17-05-11, 10:10
Setup is
Dune smart b1.
One hd accesed with usb
One hd with esata

The way i acces is like this.

First one with yadis i think is smb. Set it up with computer.

Other way i acces with the standart dune hd interface
when i am home ill look at it to change the acces path of yadis. Dont know how.

17-05-11, 10:33

it would be useful if you could send your configuration details.
You should keep in mind that yaDIS is not involved in playing the files. It is just creating a visual interface with "shortcuts" to select the movies. In the end it is the Dune which is playing it.
So, if it is playing well when you select directly through the Dune GUI and you have problems playing the file using the yaDIS generated interface, there must be a difference in how the Dune accesses the file.

Example (as mentioned before): SMB vs NFS.


17-05-11, 20:28
it works

problem i thought to hard. i removed the sentence storage_label and adapted it to something from my own. that didnt work

its just a plain simple as below.