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24-06-11, 23:10

I have a very strange problem (yaDIS 2.1.0).
After a reboot all movies/series disappeard from list inside yaDIS.
(the reboot happened while I was reprocessing all movies after a change in the template)
I still can export, but nothing in the left hand list and even a refresh will not display any item.
The items are still on the disk (Workspace/data) and the local interface is still present.
The configuration has not changed and all disks are accessible.

I suppose that there is a problem in one of the files inside the data-folder.
So I have checked the item.xml files (sorted by date) and discovered that one folder is recreated all time when I launch yaDIS (I have deleted the folder with the images and the two XML files from Data, but each time I launch yaDIS it is recreated).

Has anybody an idea how I could identify/locate the problem?
Is there any log-file which shows, why yaDIS is stopping building the list?

Thanks in advance,

25-06-11, 00:26

Just as information if this happens to somebody else.
I have fixed the problem and effectively it has been corrupted Item.xml files which caused the problem.

Here the easiest way to fix this (keeping artwork and synopsis):
Create a copy of the data folder in a different location.
Delete the original data-folder.
Copy the backup of the data-folder back to the original data-folder (ignoring the item.xml files, which is quite simple with Vista and Windows 7).
Start yaDIS and reprocess all movies.

If you want to keep the "Selection" status of your movies you will have to copy the records from the backup of the data-folder one by one and launch yaDIS until the scan of the folders stops without creating a list.
This way you only have to reprocess the movies with corrupted Item.XML files and you will keep the "Selection" status, but obviously this takes much more time.

I will send a request to Fred-L to show a message (including the name of the corrupted XML) when this happens.


25-06-11, 00:36
That hasn't happened to me (yet) but that's useful info. Thanks for sharing.

25-06-11, 09:05
In the next release:

During the scan of medias, if an invalid item.xml is found, it is automatically resetted with default content.