View Full Version : Bevix BV8088 & BV8078 which one better ?

27-07-11, 04:44
Bevix BV8088 & BV8078 which one better ?

27-07-11, 05:14
The first is better , but the second seems better . Personal opinion !

17-08-11, 09:02
Bevix BV8088 & BV8078 which one better ?

I have a BV8088 and the blu-ray menus work surprisingly well. It plays 1080p blu-ray iso's with full menus fine from a USB HDD or an internal HDD.

The thing that currently lets it down is the streaming but this has improved a lot in the last firmware. It streams ok with samba shares up to like 720p but skips frames on 1080p. However, it streams fine using DLNA for 1080p so it is a firmware thing that they need to iron out. They pump out a fair few firmware updates and this has improved it some what.

29-09-11, 18:31
I also have BV8088, one of my best buys recently, I'm very satisfied. Although I have never tried 78 one.