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07-08-11, 21:03
Hi Guys,

I am not sure where to put this thread so I am putting it here, in order to see what happens!

To be honest, I don't think I have posted anything here before, but have found all of you to be very knowledgeable, and very helpful with issues that I also had before now.

Unfortunately, I cannot resolve this issue, and wondered if someone can help me, I have managed to download all the synopsis files and arrtword for YaDIS for all of my films.... excpept one!

3:10 To Yuma..... This is causing me a great headache, when I process that folder, it does one of two things, the first, it will crash, and Windows will say it has a problem, and it has to close, the second thing, if I rename the folder to just Yuma, it will stop on 'Retrieving technical datas'

I have tried everything to get this one catalogued, to the point I actually right clicked on a completely different film, and searched Yuma on that, it came up with a hit, but then got stuck on the same as above.

Can anyone shed any light on this? Is there a limit to the amount films I can process? Is there something really obvious that I missing?

Any input would be great.



07-08-11, 23:58
I have found that Yadis does not like a colon : in a title.

Try this.

1. Manually remove the movie from the list, once loaded - its stay corrupt - until removed and refreshed
2. Rename the folder and movie to 3_10 To Yuma - re-process - it probably wont find the movie - Icon will turn pink
3. Right click movie - select change and enter the correct title, click the search - select appropriate title

Hope this helps.

PS: I would be great if Fred-L could include 'not found in database' - the pink icons - in the drop down filter.

08-08-11, 09:40
Hi Sneferu,

Thanks for the reply, unfortunately I have treid that already! As soon as I get to the manual search bit, it surely enough finds the film, but then completey freezes when you click ok.

It'll stay on that 'Retrieving technical datas', I think that the only thing I can really do now is copy the film to a USB stick and try it at work with the same program, I can't seem to get around it for some reason.

Do you have any other suggestions?


08-08-11, 10:57
An Update for you!

I tried exactly the same process that I was doing at home, this time on my computer at work.

Strangely enough, it worked without any issues. I even tried it your way with 3_10 instead of 310 or 3:10, and they all worked fine, but it didn't work at home, is there a limit to the amount of films you can add in this program?

I'd love to try and narrow down the cause, but I have a feeling that I may be fighting a losing battle on that!!

Thanks for your help though and appreciate your advice greatly. It's nice to know I can get help when I need it.

Thanks again for your help.


08-08-11, 23:54
I suspect your work computer network in not the same as at home? home_pc->dune HDD or home_pc->NAS server?

So the yadis config would be different.

No that this helps?

16-08-11, 12:24
I see what you are saying, I tried a slightly different test, I renamed a known working mp4 file to 3_10 To Yuma, and it worked without a problem, I then tried it with a different working iso file (one that YaDis picked up and scanned fine), and renamed it to the above again, and that worked, but this particular iso doesn't!

I can only assume that YaDis is somehow scanning the file for some reason (not sure why, maybe languages available etc) and now the iso is corrupt for some reason, which I will test at a later date! But that seems to be the problem anyway, a corrupt video file.... Just my luck as the dvd is far too scratched to get it ripped now!

Thanks for your suggestions though, it was very helpful and very enlightening looking at your suggestions, you've been a great help!