View Full Version : Special "anti resonance" trays available ?

13-08-11, 19:45
Was just wondering about this.

Since a few weeks something changed in my TS439 and i can't seem to figure what causes this.

My hard disk trays just started resonating in my NAS.
And since the NAS is in my living room it gets my blood boiling.

If i give my NAS a "loving" slap on the side or front the trays shift a little and the resonating stops for a few minutes. And then i starts again.

At the moment i've solved this by putting some folded paper in between the NAS and disktrays. It works a bit, but it's not the nicest solution.

Are there special disk trays availble made of plastic or something ( just so that there is no metal on metal connection in the NAS to resonate ) available ?

Or anybody who had similar problems and made a permanent solution their self ?

07-10-11, 12:48
Is it the HD, or the whole unit?
I own the same nas, and it also made a terrible vibrating noise. With mine, it was the feet under it. It is a plastic "cilinder" with rubber inside it. The rubber is compressed, and the cilinder touchess the tray below it. I just shutdown the nas, put it with the feet up, and put some extra foam on it. Just take care, that the plastic can not touch the tray were it is standing on.


10-10-11, 07:15
Currently i fixed it by jamming some folded paper between the hard disk tray and the NAS unit and then slide it in together.

This way the tray get's "stuck" and can't resonate anymore.

The unit is already placed on an empty DVD case :)
This removes a lot of noise as well.