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20-08-11, 05:20
I'm new to this so trying to figure this out but it's driving me crazy. I have 2 WD 2TB external drives connected to my brand new Dune HD Duo's two USB ports in the back (tv shows on one, movies on the other). Using yaDIS I have pointed it to the path of he folders and the absolute path is automatically populated (something like storage.uuid:// then the path to the folders again)
I have not installed a SD card or little USB for system storage yet and also haven't installed any internal drives yet. I also have not installed the firmware update yet because it's saying I dont have the memory.....which I'm guessing the system storage is for. I have exported yaSIS to the drive where the tv shows are and has created a yaDIS folder there.

Everything is working until I push the the enter button is pushed to start playing the movie (mkv files). I keep getting the URL error.

If anyone can help me I would greatly appreciate it since this driving me crazy.


20-08-11, 08:35

please post details like the Dune path and the exact error message in order to help you.
With the information you sent, we could only imagine the problem.


20-08-11, 15:52
Sorry, here you go:

Again, I have two WD 2TB external drives hooked up to both USB ports on the back of the Dune HD Duo. yaDIS has been exported to one of these external drives

Workspace: C:\Program Files\yaDIS\workspace
Dune Interface Location: \\DUNE\New_Volume_d05284d45284c0a8\yaDIS
Folder: \\DUNE\My_Book_2_8810b69a10b68ea6\Movies
Dune Path: storage_uuid://My_Book_2_8810b69a10b68ea6/Movies

Error I'm receiving on the Dune when trying to play back a movie:
Failed to open URL
URL: storage_uuid://My_Book_2_8810b69a10b68ea6/Movies/Bolt/Bolt.mkv

This is the same error I get with every movie or TV show I select to play. Again, REALLY would appreciate what Im doing wrong here so I can get this up and running.

21-08-11, 01:18
Alright....after spending all day on this I finally figured it out. You have to take out the name of the external drive (whatever you named it during setup) and just leave the letter and number sequence name. Soon as you do just that everything works.

24-08-11, 10:48
Yes, the automatic Dune path generation has a glitch when the HDD's name contains underscore characters.
In the next version, the Dune path generation will be enhanced and avoid that (better detection of UUID).

02-09-11, 01:38
Hi, i've same trouble, could you show exactly how you have change the path?

02-09-11, 03:20
Hi, i've same trouble, could you show exactly how you have change the path?

For example, when I first set it up it read:

In order for it to work and not get the error, you must remove the anything related to whatever you named your drive. In other words in my example I had to remove the My_Book_2_ so now it reads:

When it asks for absolute path, it basically means just that...."absolute" meaning that name of the drive....not what YOU named it.