View Full Version : Folder monitoring?

25-08-11, 02:59
Are there any plans to have folder monitoring tied into yaDIS? If so, any ideas on when? If not, I would like to offer assistance in getting it added into the code base. I am a .NET developer by day (v1.0-v4.0) so the infrastructure of the program would be easy for me to tap into.
I would hope that once folder scanning is in place that it would provide the option to auto-process and export as well. Otherwise, it would defeat the purpose of the monitoring, at least for me.

25-08-11, 17:36
I have requested this a few times, I know my movies has it.

I leave my dune on standby so it could export it whenever as well. Should be really easy to process and export it.

It would also be nice to have conditions such as picking the highest resolution art, and being able to pick fanart different from the cover.

Although I dont know how difficult that would be to implement, the only thing i hate is when fan art is the exact same as the movie cover art, alot of times if you dont manually select stuff, that does happen.

Best of luck though, and thank you for offering to help. I hope fred takes you up on this offer.