View Full Version : synopsis- where can I find it ?

08-09-11, 19:56
Simple question:

where (in which file) the movie synopsis is kept ?
I, ve copied whole yaDIS folder to another PC and still can see original synopsises (not changed by me).


08-09-11, 20:08
NOTE FIRST: When you change the synopsis in the yaDIS window, you need to hit Apply on the right side for the program to accept your edits.

For windows based machines the synopsis is in the movie folders:
Program Files\yaDIS\workspace\data\[movie folder name]\movie.xml
Right at the top, between the overview tags.

08-09-11, 20:12
Thanks for a very quick answer.
I add the new synopsis after every change, of course.
Anyway, it seems, that when I am copying whole yaDIS folder I should have new synopsises, shouldn't I ?