View Full Version : yaDIS question on Blu-ray ISO of movies with multiple discs

10-09-11, 17:02
If I have a Blu-ray movie and it has 2 discs (one with movie and some extras, and another disc full of extras) and I'm ripping them to ISO, how does yaDIS handle it? I'm sure I would have to lable the files with the movie name then "disc1" "disc2" to establish the separate disc. But how does yaDIS handle it?
I vaguely remember when I was using MyMovies with Windos Media Center that you could select disc 1 or disc 2 to play, but dont know if yaDIS does something similar to that or not

Thanks for any info anyone can provide

(NOTE: I have been using MakeMKV to rip just the movie into a MKV but now that I have discovered that MakeMKV has an issue with LPCM, Ive started to switch to ISO and it resolves the problem. Just want to make my ripping simple and not go through multiple steps just to get lossless rips)

13-09-11, 11:06

unfortunally yadis doesn't support 'Multi Disks' or 'Disk Boxes' (e.g. Lord of the Rings) at the Moment. Every 'single Disk' is listed separatly.
The function you wish to have is planend for a future Version.



Some Users make a Workaround by creating own Genres for each one of such a Movies and select them by the Genre Function.