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18-09-11, 13:16
This is to help any newbies like myself who were pulling their hair trying to get windows 7 sharing to work right. Hopefully this works for others.

You will need 2 USB Flash drives. You must also flash the Dune player to the latest firmware. Also I assume you have yadis already installed.

On the larger flash drive put this file on there from your PC.

Then stick a minimum 2GB flash drive into the Dune. And stick the other larger flash drive with that copied file into the Dune. Go to the larger flash drive and run the file "dune_service_af_make_sstorage_and_ext3_on_pen.dsf". Follow the prompts. This will format the smaller 2GB flash drive into the system drive. I got an error when this was done and formatted the remaining 2/2 of the smaller Flash drive manually.

Leave the smaller flash drive in the Dune from now on. I also left the larger flash drive in the Dune as well. Now go to your PC. At this point you should be able to click start->computer->Network and DUNE should show up. I formatted this flash drive and called it DUNE_INFO. So in that DUNE folder you should see your larger flash drive being shared, mine says "DUNE_INFO_6e52_328e".

Next lets share your media folder, ie. TV, Movies, etc. Go to the folder, I will use TV in the example. Right click TV->share with->specific people. type everyone and click the drop down arrow. Then click add. I have mine on read/write access, no one else is on my network. Now click share. After a bit of waiting, click done. Now the TV folder is shared. Do this for any folders that you want to share. I have a folder for movies on my F: drive called cinematicF as well.

Now go into yadis. Click setup. Under Dune interface location, click the folder. Now go to network->DUNE->and click the USB folder. You will be prompted that yadis will make a folder if there is anything else on this drive. This is where you will export to, after scraping your library. Mine looks like "\\DUNE\DUNE_INFO_6e52_328e\yaDIS".

Under folders click add, drop down the type box to TV shows. For Folder click the folder icon, click Network->PC Name->TV. Mine looks like "\\MyName-pc\TV". Where MyName-pc is the case sensitive network name of my Windows 7 machine.

Now under Dune path type "smb://MyName-pc/TV" replace MyName-pc with whatever your Windows 7 network name is. Click ok.

Process your TV show files. When this is done, click the export button. This will send what you need to the larger flash drive in your Dune player, and may take a long time on the first try. Go into your Dune menu and find your flash drive and click the yadis folder and magically it works. You should also bookmark the yadis folder to your favorites for faster use.

On a side note, I still can not get the smb share to work using an IP address. And if you must use a user/password combo, it would look like

20-09-11, 15:22
I wanted to update this by mentioning that I am finally able to stream 1080p with DTS audio through my wireless N 2.4ghz usb adapter and Netgear WNDR3700 with DD-WRT firmware router. I could not do this with my PS3 and PS3 Media Server which has me so happy right now.

03-10-11, 17:27
Hi Sir,

I bought a Dune Smart D1 last week, now wanted to use yaDIS but i'm a old man who lack of IT knowledge, i will really appreciate if you could guide me.

please let roughly tell you my setup:-

my home theatre and Dune Player are at 3rd Floor of my house. and my PC, Router are located at 2nd Floor. From my router i connected a network cable to 3rd Floor and over there i have network switch to Dune and to My 63 inch Plasma 3D TV.

My PC running Windows 7 64bits and my Internet speed is XDSL 20MB download & 20MB Upload.

My Dune D1 connected wired to Netwrok switch and the IP address for my Dune is

i have install a 8GB USB Drive inside the Dune Player and already you your method to partition it 2GB for system Storage and remain 6GB become EXT partion, which i name it "MyMovies DataBase", and i did not install Hardisk.

currently i'm using a product call Hardisk encloser with 4 bay hardisk and this ensloser come with interface e-SATA & USB 3.0. and i'm using usb connect to my Dune Player, because if i using e-SATA connect to Dune, Dune only recognise 1 hardisk instead of Four Hardisk.

all my 4 hatdisk is 2TB and full with Bluray ISO or BDMV format movies.

i have category each hardisk by "Animation", "Documantery", "Western Movies", "Chinese Movies"

ok..sorry for the long story and now come back to Zappiti problem.

from my PC, under the network group i can see Dune
and i double click the Dune Icon, i can see all my 4 hardisk with name "Animation", "Documantery", "Western Movies", "Chinese Movies" and "MyMovies DataBase"

i can access to the 4 hardisk without problem from my PC.

Now, my question is:-

1. For Dune interface Location:
i use "\\DUNE\MyMovies_Database\yaDis", can?
or should i choose one of the four hardisk who attached to Dune Player? please suggest.

2. if i export all YaDis data into " \\DUNE\MyMovies_Database\yaDis" 6GB enough?

3. when i go to Dune main screen, i saw network Browser and the 4 hadisk. i press pop up manu on the remote to create new Folder, the server what should i key in?

4. when in Folder i choose "\\DUNE\Anitmation_1"
what should i key in for Dune path?

5. i have share my harddisk in my PC name K:\

from network->CHIN-KC->k, if i want to watch the movies inside this K: from Dune, how to i suppose to key in in dune path in yaDis?

please teach me, how can i make the work?

look forward to your reply and you can explaint is more detail. thank you and appreciate very much.


03-10-11, 18:46
My guide is not how to setup NAS devices with Windows and Dune. I have a NAS on my network, but it has my business files on it.

So let me see if I can make some sense of what you are asking.

By using the flash drive hooked into the Dune device you should be able to see all of your directories.

1. The Dune interface location is \\DUNE\MyMovies_Database\yaDis
2. I don't know how many movies and TV shows will end up filling a 6GBdrive. Cant you process the folder and export and see if it fits?
3. When you go to the Dune main menu, go to the USB drive -> MyMovies_Database\yaDis

For the rest.
under yadis setup you should be going into the Folders tab. Click add. Pick type movies. Click the folder icon. The problem is at this step. "Select network->CHIN-KC->k."

You should be finding your Animation folder through the Network. Then you should find your other 3 folders. So in yadis you would have 4 folders listed.

Now once you process these files and export them to the USB drive through Windows. You wait a while for the export to happen. Then go into the Dune and select the USB directory where yadis is located. Click it and the yadis menu will pop up.

04-10-11, 16:35
Hi travanx,

good day to you, first of all thank for the reply.

after i export 120 movies to \\DUNE\MyMovies_Database\yaDis, it used up 428MB.

for your info i don't have NAS device.

now i can go to dune menu under the USB directory when i select yaDIS the movies wall will show up.

if select Kung fu Panda for example, it will go in to the Kung fu Panda movie wall.

but, when press enter or play button it come out error message.

i know i stuck at the dune path selection, i confuse those :-
1. "smb://"
2. "storage_label://label/path"
3. "storage_uuid://uuid/path"

oK, let me tell you my setup and you teach which one to select above

1. for the 4 HDD in my 4 Bay HDD enclosure (No RAID) connected directly to DUNE player thru USB cable. which option should i use?

2. For Movies HDD inside my PC, which should i select?

just to remind that, my Dune player is at 2nd Floor my home theatre room and my PC and Router are at 1st floor.

from my Router i have connected a network cable to 2nd floor and connected to a 4 port network switch and split out 1 connection to Dune and 1 to my Denon 4311 Receiver.

and my PC have 4 HDD, one of them "K:\" is for Movies Only.(this is the HDD i mentioned on No. 2)

so please teach me, which option should i use for the 2 setup mention above.

once again i really appreciated your reply and look forward to your reply soon.

thank you