View Full Version : Setting up yaDIS with Dune D1

22-09-11, 17:38
Hey to all,

Im new around here, so first of hi to everybody!
After browsing through the different threads, which took me a long time, i still have a couple of questions i hope to get answers for. :D

I want to use yadis on my recently purchased Dune D1 smart. I set up an internal hd (2TB) and i have 2 external drives, (1.5tb&2tb).
The 1.5tb is filled with TV Shows and the 2tb (ext) filled with Movies.

How can i set up yadis and integrate all my media? I really couldn't find any useful information about it.

Thanks already!


23-09-11, 07:53

you just have to connect the HDD's to the Dune and in yadis add them under Options / Folders (maybe different indication, in german it is Optionen / Ordner).
When adding, difference between Movies and TVShows is important.



23-09-11, 10:54
Thanks, i got it working last night.

Not really thrilled by lastest inferface of the Dune itself, anyway to get the old layout back without downgrading the firmware?

24-09-11, 17:37
i don't think there's such a way w/o f/w downgrading.