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02-11-11, 14:59
Hi new to the forum

after much consideration i have decided to order the dune hd h1 over the popcorn hour a210

it will be getting delivered tomorrow, what i need help with is the jukeboxes

i want to have both my music and videos on a jukebox or 2 different jukes boxes

id like to know which ones are best and detailed information on using them

as the place where i purchased the dune from said it was'nt hard to set them up

thanks in advance

Mr Eric
02-11-11, 15:08
for movie jukebox you will ahve plenty of choice between Yadis, Zapitti or MyMovies. you will find a dedicated topic on each one on this forum. All of them have their pros and cons, so it's up to you to test it (they're all free) and chose the one that you like ;)

For music jukebox, for now there's only one : musicnizer, which is a commercial product and not free to use. there's also a topic about this one in the forum. Unfortunately, for music, Dune is really not the most easy piece of hardware on the market...(but we all hope it's going to change in a near future)

02-11-11, 16:20
thanks for the quick reply

this is kinda why i was leaning towards the popcorn hour a210 as it was ment to scan automatically for album covers ect

do you think i would be as well to send it back and get the popcorn 210

Mr Eric
02-11-11, 16:32
if the music jukebox is mandatory for you, I would say that the dune is not the best choice (but for video it's close to perfect IMO).

I don't know the popcorn, all I know is that the new A300 seems to be very good in both areas

02-11-11, 16:53
apart from the music and video jukeboxes is there any other differences between the dune hd smart h1 and the popcorn hour a210

does any 1 know this or should i just stick with the dune thats coming tomorrow

i think the popcorn was suppose to automatically scan for album art or movie information

what i do need is it to downmix form dolby true hd or whatever , if im playing it in my bedroom

i will be playing the player though a yamaha rxv3067 av receiver

i have purchased a few different media players in the last few years and i dont want to purchase any more )