View Full Version : Additional Database Possibilities (Movies, TV Shows, and.....)

27-11-11, 20:03
(from another thread)
First, you have to create the genre "Concerts" in the edition panel. Enter the genre in the textbox and click on the + button. Now you can allocate this genre to the medias you want. Then, go to the options (interface tab) and select this new genre in the "Shortcuts" list. Finally, do an export.

Any chance that you would consider a third database category? That is, we now have movies and tv shows. I would like to have the addition of music videos (though might be more beneficial to make user defined - someone might want one for documentaries, for example).

Of course, we could mix music videos with movies and use categories. For me, I wish to keep completely separate so they don't show up in "all movies" or under searches like length, recently added, alphabet view etc., when looking for movies.

Thanks for your consideration!

28-11-11, 11:19
Or "Cartoons" ? To go with my rips of my Looney Tunes Platinum Collection BDs?
A couple more categories would be a welcome addition.