View Full Version : yaDIS and Dune HD Duo with internal drives

22-12-11, 11:45
Hi guys,

I'm new to dune and yaDIS, i've got a quick question related to internal drives (in the duo) and pointing yaDIS to them.

How would you identify each drive / partition so you can point yaDIS to it? Is there somewhere in Dune i can find what each drive is called? in the browser it just shows as hard disk 1 / hard disk 2 ... do you point to those?

The reason i ask is that the player is going to be in a location where there is no network access, so stand alone.

I want to configure everything from the windows pc where the app is installed and export it to the Dune.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


22-12-11, 18:55
-from yadis setup/general go to dune interface location option, browse and choose which drives you want to use. you can also use sdcard or a usb for it.

-from yadis setup/folder option. just browse your drives to folders where you kept your movies and tv shows. dont forget to pick the right type when you add your folders.

03-03-12, 02:01

I have a similar question. I have a Dune D1 with an external hard drive connected to the e-sata port. I don't use the network to connect to the drive as I first connect that drive to my pc for all the configuration and then attach it to the D1.
I set up as ammenRA suggested on my pc but I cannot play any movie on the Dune.
My drive shows up as storage_350df on the Dune and at the root of my drive I have a folder called movies and within that folder are all my movie files and another folder called Yadis.
When I click on Yadis I see the blue screen.
When I select a movie and press enter I get all the options, "all movies", "recently added", etc etc.
If I select "all movies" it then shows all my movie covers.
If I select any cover it then shows the background with the film details etc.
If I hit play, it loads background.jpg and starts a slide show between that and the cover jpg."
Can anyone provide some guidance on how I can play a movie?