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27-12-11, 13:32
I hope you guys understand without a picture.
From the moment you start up yadis(on dune), you go to the main screen
(using fred-l template) and you see the main navigation bar...
That bar fades on the left and right side, but its not big enough
When you chose movies, then alphabet, you see on the left "0-9" and "A" which is not in the bar..

How do i stretch that bar a bit to the left and right so its big enough to get those things inside the bar instead of outside?


27-12-11, 18:12
Not quite sure which menu bar you are referring to from your description because you talk about several, but you need to edit the lines at the beginning of the template.

Notice width of both examples is the max of 1920.

For the alphabet section:

<area x="0" y="944" width="1920" height="48" margin="300" image="submenubar.png" >

This shows the max area for alphabet and which png file is used that the text must fit into.

The main menubar is

<area x="0" y="800" width="1920" height="120" image="menubar.png" mask="menumask.png" />
<text font="ScoutCond Bold" size="56" case="upper" style="bold" color="#707070" selectedcolor="#d8d8d8" spacing="40" offset="6" />

The menubar.png is long enough but the menumask.png file which overlays it has fading on right and left which may be obscuring what you want to see.

You can look at other people's templates and see how they do it and which png file they use and maybe use their code/png file instead.

27-12-11, 20:18
i think indeed its the menubar and menumask file
But im not able to adjust it in photoshop, im really a noob in there.. :(
anyone has a template which has wider but also fading bars?

28-12-11, 11:26
Anyone willing to help?
I cant be the only one who has this problem...

Mr Eric
28-12-11, 11:35
Just use the menumask.png from one of my templates, and replace the one in Fred's glass revisited.

28-12-11, 13:40
It doenst work :(


http://img526.imageshack.us/img526/4707/p1060204s.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/526/p1060204s.jpg/)

Mr Eric
28-12-11, 16:02

that's the submenubar.png in fact that you need to replace. Sorry for the mistake.