View Full Version : QNAP 119P II and Dune Smart D1: Can't access Video Folder

Dead Cell
31-12-11, 21:27
Hi All

I have just purchased the QNAP TS-119P II and the Dune Smart D1 and connected it both to my Router.

I have enabled NFS on the QNAP and created a new Shared folder called Videos which I have given the Dune full access by entering in its IP address.

On the Dune I added a new folder called Videos and then set up as follows:

Name: Videos
Type: NFS
Folder: /share/HDA_DATA/Videos
Protocol: Have tried both UDP and TCP

The problem is I don't get any errors, instead the Dune displays the progress bar and gets to two bars before it just freezes. I can do nothing with the remote whatsoever except hold the Red Power Off buton for about 5 seconds which turns off the Dune. I can then turn it back on and every thing seems to work ok except that I still can't access the Videos folder. The Dune simply crashes every time I try to access it!

Why can I not access it via SMB? I can see the QNAP displayed and when I select it no files are displayed!

What am I doing wrong? I'm really frustrated as I thought that it would be a very simple process to access videos over the network from the NAS and its turning out to be anything but!

Please help point me in the right direction.

Many thanks in advance.

31-12-11, 23:17

Start first by trying to access movies via a standard folder like:


Enter this in your D1 and see if it connects to the folder!

I also have a QNAP and never had any problems connecting to the server via my D1.
Also I don't think your path is correct...should be something like:
Nothing more!


Dead Cell
01-01-12, 05:05
Siamsquare thanks a bunch for getting back to me pal, you won't believe it, I actually got it working and guess what what it was that I did wrong? I entered in the wrong IP address in the SERVER field! instead of .168 I entered .160 doh!

Also you are right, the Folder should be "/Videos" and NOT "/Share/HDA_Data/Videos" as I was entering in before!

Cheers and a happy new year to you.