View Full Version : Will there be an app for the iPhone or iPad in the near future

30-01-12, 01:24
Dear Fred-L, are there plans to develop an app for the iPhone or iPad in the near future. This would be very handy.

I hope to hear from you soon.

PS: Yadis is the best application for the Dune !!

30-01-12, 08:14
I want to make such application but I can't tell you when.

30-01-12, 19:44
I want to make such application but I can't tell you when.


I just hope the result will not be the same as for Zappiti.

I have abandoned Zappiti (mainly was using it for TV shows, as I prefer the list selection of episodes). I have had the impression, that too much resources have been placed on the "I-Zappiti" (and I cannot help myself, but I think the financial part of was driving this move (Apple users are ready to pay much money for Applets). Zappiti became quite instable (nearly unusable), and no new features (except "I-Features). I do not know, if this has changed (have not seen a new release since some time).
I clearly prefer yaDIS. Frequent bug-fixes and new releases with interesting new major features and Fred-L visits the forum quite often (thanks Fred-L for this).

Would clearly prefer a development to integrate a Music-Jukebox (starting with just reading MP3-tags) into yaDIS.


Mr Eric
30-01-12, 20:00
I'm pretty sure that if something is clear about the app in Fred's mind it's that it won't be like the zappiti one :mrgreen:

I also hope he will be able to do an app, my iPad is waiting desperately for it. And as a good apple user I will be happy to pay for it :oops: (but not 15 if you know what I mean...)

Also agree that in the priority list, music is more important. :-o

30-01-12, 21:37
I use zappiti but today installed yadis as a backup. I've managed to find a theme near identical to zappiti and if Fred releases an app for yadis that actually works I will convert. Zappiti is on a fast downhill slope, keep up the good work Fred and don't let the $$$$ take over.

31-01-12, 11:20
Lets finish yadis first what its meant for:
- movies and tv series.

Once that is finished, then lets add music en then an ios app

first things first :)
Anyway i bought a logitech sb, since the dune with for ex yadis isnt handy for browsing music (thing is that tv still has to be on..)

I prefer a fully working yadis for the movies/series part.

25-03-12, 14:17
as i am about to buy an ipad 3, i want this app too :) and willing to pay a small amount for..
i even think this way fred-L would receiver more donations ;)