View Full Version : Studio logo info for Fred-L & Mr Eric

09-02-12, 03:17
Mr Eric, I know I already sent you some links to studio logo's, but wanted to let you and Fred-L know that I ran across these the other day as well. Here is the link (you will have to scroll down about midway):


They are full color logos and are most of the main studios. The links I sent before were a little more comprehensive. But these ones are a little different and not messy on the edges like other color ones I have seen, mainly because these are contained in a box format.

Just want to throw out some other options in hopes we can implement studio logos.

On another topic, Fred-L, I see on the yaDIS roadmap that version 2.2 is 100% complete. When can we expect a download and changelog?


Mr Eric
09-02-12, 09:08
Thanks for th link, but this is just few studios while the other one had all of them (but I agree, with lesser quality).

I'm only a beta tester, so there's not much I can do for studios logos in yadis templates, Fred is the one with the almighty power to do it. :cool: And to be honest I really don't think this is a priority for now, and I completely agree with it. So you will have to be (very) patient ;-)