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10-02-12, 12:29

I was a zappiti user but with their unlock-policy I've changed to Yadis. For the most part it works fine but at the indexing-point I have a problem. I have some "old" movie files in subfolders but Yadis isn't recognizing it. In zappitti I had no problems with the same folders but Yadis won't look "deeper". An example, path is \networkshare\movies\dirty harry 1\dirty harry 1. The movie is actually in the last folder but after indexing Yadis gives me the red alert sign and when I move the over it I can see the path just goes to the first folder named "dirty harry 1" and so I get a warning of no movie find (logically because the movie is in the second subfolder).
I have this problem with a few hundreds of my movies. So a simple cut and paste the movies to the first sub folder isn't an option I'm looking forward to.
Is there a way to solve this? I can't find any settings in Yadis to adapt the path (other then making for each movie a new folder in the "add folder" section in Yadis which isn't a very atractive solution either).


10-02-12, 13:10

Welcome to yaDIS.

yaDIS does not support this.

There are 2 possibilities:
a) as you said, copy the folders with the movies one level down.
b) add folders to the configuration of yaDIS (add Dirty Harry as a folder in yaDIS would scrape the different Dirty Harry parts).

Clearly option a) is much more simple if you have a lot of movies with such a folder structure.


10-02-12, 13:13

Well that's clear. Thank you for the fast repsonse.