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13-02-12, 19:39
i have recently in the last week swapped to using Yadis instead of Zappiti and i must say straight off Yadis is a much nicer application and easier to use. altho there is one feature in Zappiti thats either not in Yadis or i have not found yet, if i could be pointed in the right direction it would be great.

the feature i have not found or is missing is the ability for Yardis to realise there has been a change of folder contents for example a new TV episode has been added to an existing folder.

at present i am having to manually right click the Tv show in Yadis and select reload technical information then it will pick up there is one or more new episodes and grab there technical info / pictures.

is there a different way to perform this function? i liked the auto scan / update feature in Zappitti for this as all i had to do was to open the application and it would detect the folder contents change and auto get the new episode information / pictures.

edit to add my TV folder structure is as follows

Share\Show Name\season\episdename.avi
share\Family Guy\S4\04x01 - North by North Quahog.avi

17-02-12, 15:21

is there away to just scrape the info for newly added TV show episodes??

17-02-12, 17:24
Just click the "Process" button after selecting the tv show for which you added new episodes.

17-02-12, 23:21
I am also new to Yadis having come across from Zappiti.

I have approx 200+ TV series so I understand your requirement to be able to pick up new episodes in individual series. I have set up the following:

All TV series that have either finished, cancelled or on hiatus, I mark as '«hecked' (right click the show and "Toggle checked state"")

Then I can use the Filter to only display the shows that are still active. About once a week I just select all shows (Ctrl+A) and click the Process button and it goes through all shows and picks up any new episodes.

Its a lot quicker than Zappiti used to do it.

21-02-12, 23:59
thanks for the tip Aussie2590, i will follow this as like you i have an extensive TV show collection.