View Full Version : More control over media info for TV Shows coming??

15-02-12, 03:54

Is anything in the works that will allow the user to edit any of the media info for TV Shows similar to how we can for Movies? Case in point....I have blu-ray ISO for the show The Pacific. When I process it, it comes back as Dolby Digital or AC3, but in it actually is DTS HD MA. I have no way to change it in yaDIS because there is no tab for media.

Thanks for any news!

15-02-12, 07:10
Hi jsc1205,

Try this crude workaround: go to your workspace folder and then to data. Locate the folder with the name of the series. Inside you'll find a file called data.xml. Open it and edit as appropriate.




Mr Eric
15-02-12, 07:41
This is planned for the next version.