View Full Version : Posibility to chooce 2 Menübars

26-02-12, 22:57
Hi Fred-L,is there a possibility to add a new Feature like for choocing
2 Menübars at startscreen of YADIS:
1.Menübar with Movie and TV-Shows-->thats the default
2.Menübar without Movie and TV-Shows,who shows only the Shorcuts wich ever creates for himself, Selections named Dokus.... and create Shortcuts for Selections,so we have only member Selections on Startscreen on yadis.

Its only a Idee,cause i from myself dont use the Buttons Movies or TV-Shows,i
navigate throug my Menübar only over my Shortcuts wich i create before.

DEFAULT SCREEN with Shortcuts ACTALLY--> Movies TV-Shows Filme Concerts Doku Series
New choice in my Imagination--> Only Shortcuts like--> Filme Concerts Doku Series

You know what i mean:)

27-02-12, 10:56
I will look at that to see if it's possible.

27-02-12, 11:06
I will look at that to see if it's possible.

Ok ,thank you for your Interrest and effort:p