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Blu-ray Popularity Continues to Grow

Posted 05-11-09 at 08:03 by Malignant

Blu-ray Disc At Blu-Con 2.0 yesterday in Los Angeles, a number of Blu-ray stats were revealed to wet the appetites of executives looking the capitalize on the high definition format. Among them was that Blu-ray is now one of the top 10 consumer electronics products most wanted by adults for the holiday season. This is the first time Blu-ray has made the list, and it matches the amount of time it took for DVD to make the list (4 years).

The Digital Entertainment Group (DEG) announced that Blu-ray has sold an estimated 11.7 million players in the US. For the first nine months of 2009, 3.3 million players were sold, representing a 112% increase over last year. Additionally, sales of Blu-ray titles are up 83% so far this year.

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