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Hi-Jack 12-04-07 21:08

MOD Firmware CS-505/CS-510 Int. subs!
Hi all,

We have been working a bit on providing updates for the Ziova Clearstream
CS-505 which include International language support. Following languages
are available for download below. Even though the players have not yet
arrived at your homes, it's good to know great things like this await you...

Attention: These are all new files released on 16 April 2007. This version
included a minor bugfix in subtitles display (version 1.1.1). For those who
downloaded older version (1.1) we advice not to update your player with it,
but if you did, just update using these...

Clearstream CS-505 V1.1.1 ONLY!!
CS-505 Western Europe: Use original FW
CS-505 Central Europe: FW1.1.1_CS-505_CentralEurope_CP1250
CS-505 Greek: FW1.1.1_CS-505_Greek_CP1253
CS-505 Russian:
CS-505 Hebrew:

Clearstream CS-510 V1.1.1 ONLY!!
CS-510 Western Europe: Use original FW
CS-510 Central Europe: FW1.1.1_CS-510_CentralEurope_CP1250
CS-510 Greek: FW1.1.1_CS-510_Greek_CP1253
CS-510 Russian: FW1.1.1_CS-510_Rusian_CP1251
CS-505 Hebrew: FW1.1.1_CS-510_Hebrew_CP1255

The download files are in ZIP format and inlcude a README FILE! I suggest
you read it too. Additional languages are possible, just ask and then be
patient for us to reply...

Credits: Developed by LK and Hi-Jack, created by Hi-Jack

PS: Use at your own risk. Issues and problems can be reported in
this thread. Files are not tested but since you can't break your player with
it, there's no real risk, is there? :-)

Hi-Jack 13-04-07 07:57

Updated with CS-510 International languages support now too...

Hi-Jack 16-04-07 17:47

Updated all files to version 1.1.1 (Minor subtitle bugfix)

ThanosD 15-05-07 21:28

Am I the first to do it? :)

I've succesfully installed the Greek (1253) fonts on my CS510. Installation took 5-6 secs (USB stick), no problems, everything works ok (I've seen two movies up to now with external SRT files).

As a comment, I would prefer the letters bigger with a bigger line-to-line spacing.

Thanks for the work, HiJack and LK!
I would be happy to help you adjusting the Greek subtitle add-on, if you ever choose to accept help.

Hi-Jack 15-05-07 21:32

The font size and spacing is not under our control and as far as we know,
we can't adjust it. Maybe Lord_Kiron can, he is such a smart ass sometimes :-)

If you notice anything wrong and you know how to fix it, hell yeah, you can
help. That's the community, everyone does a little and together we move
the world...


Lord_Kiron 15-05-07 23:15

Well theoretically the subtitles can be increased but thats problematic since same fonts used to display other parts of interface so increasing subtitles will increase them as well making some elements look ugly and other just not fit.

ek0n 28-05-07 12:12

So far I have installed CS-505 Russian: FW1.1.1_CS-505_Russian_CP1251 , and I have seen some Cyr letters in the theme like Web Radio titles.

But if I insert a DVD which was burnt with ISO+Joliet and has Cyr names of the files, I can see only ????????.avi.

Have I done something wrong when burning a DVD and there are still known issues?

Respect to HJ/LK for Cyrillic support.

Lord_Kiron 28-05-07 14:43

Filenames ar hardcoded in Ziova to use western europe charset only so nothing can be done.
But on MP3s if you have tags inside it shows the tags (song name) instead filename and tags are "multilingual" . I think you can try the same with AVIs - not sure but might work.

ek0n 28-05-07 15:02

Ok thanks, sad to hear this, but in the future I should transliterate the Cyr name into Latin and then burn.

abu2003 10-08-07 22:12

CP1250 subtitles not working
Hi Hi-Jack,

The subtitles for CP1250 DO NOT work properly!! ;(
I mostly see blanks on the CS1250 specific letters.

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