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Default Experience With Drobo?

Anyone here have any current experience with the Drobo series of RAID products? Their versaility in setup is phenomenal it seems and it looks like they will provide an ease of use and reliability factor that is significant.

I've not used other RAID products, and my IcyDock, while providing a nice 8TB base for my Dune, is scaring me since it is not setup in a RAID configuration.

I've got zero RAID experience and really want ease of use and reliability above all else, so I'm willing to pay a bit more for that.

I looked at the Qnap TS-419P+ and that's only about 100 bucks less for a four drive model while the Drobo FS gives 5 bays and what looks like a phenomenal RAID system.

I would likely start with 5 2TB Samsung F4 drives.

Anyone using Drobo, I would love your feedback.
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Default Re: Experience With Drobo?


I've also been drooling over the drobo 'idea'... seems like the perfect solution to those of us who really store too much data and do not like to compress ANYTHING!

I've held back as I've read of some problems on the user forums, and I can't afford what I'd like at the moment either.

I am still wary of anything RAID-y after my Stora crashed and I almost lost everything... eventually tech support remotely saved almost all my stuff. The problem was not disk-based, it was a firmware/hardware error, but nothing was readable. And taking the disks out was not an option as they still cannot be read outside the device!

It dawned on me that, had tech supp not been able to help, or I was out of warranty, it wouldn't have mattered that it was RAID... RAID does not equal backup! At the moment I have an Iomega network media drive, and EVERYTHING on it is backup up onto a (cheaper) 2TB external drive that is safely stashed away in case the worst happens!

My problem (that is easily rectified with the drobo) is that my 2TB is now full, and I'm having to use the Stora as a second streaming device (carefully backed up of course). So the shelf above my monitor is now littered with drives!

... just my thoughts. If you do take the plunge, please feedback to us!

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Default Re: Experience With Drobo?


I recently had a Drobo FS - five discs "beyond raid" NAS for ten months.

It stopped working. Would not start. Lights were on, but nobody home. Disks can not be transferred to another chassis I am told. This is truly "beyond raid".

You have NO way to troubleshoot a DROBO FS if you can`t acccess it over the network. No other ports to connect to, only the network contact.

The logs are encrypted and can only be read by Data Robotics anyway, so no big loss there.

The seller returned it to me after two weeks with the message that I will have to send it to Drobo in the US, hence omitting their obligation to fix it. They told me that Data Robotics demand that all service on their devices are handled by them.

So - it is now in the trash. I took a picture of it as I applied a large hammer on it. At least a guy has to have SOME fun. I had no backup - stupid me, so 3,8 Tera of data is lost.

A Qnap 859 pro+ has replaced the Drobo, at least that can be repaired, or discs moved to another unit. The discs were fine and dandy by the way.

Looking forward to ripping all my DVDs and BDs again

I have backup now as well
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