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Default Raidon RAID 5

So, I decided to pick up a RAID to give me a more redundant solution to my Icy Dock which is working great.

Newegg sent me a Raidon RAID 5 unit. It looked exactly like what I wanted. Four drives, only supports RAID 5, but since that's what I wanted, it seemed perfect.

I picked up four Samsung F4 drives for the drive, and put everything together when it showed up.

The unit itself seemed to be well packages, as expected, and came with a quick setup guide, a eSATA cable, USB cable, power cable, and that's it.

No CDs, nothing else.

Well, this is when things went significantly downhill.

The unit booted up fine the first time, but the front LCD interface gave me almost no information.

The Raidon I got was similar to this model:

Not a NAS, but a USB connected or eSATA connected storage device.

This means, no user interface.

So, I'm guessing that because it is USB, my PC will just recognize the RAID, load approriate drives, and be ready to go.

Except, that didn't happen. I went into Windows and was able to see the unit, but wasn't able to add the RAID as a single large drive. Perhaps a Windows compatibility issue?

I ended up getting very frustrated and tried to follow their quick seutp guide to the letter, but it appeared that I could only get up to 2TB to show on my PC, and then the unit stopped booting up at all.

That is, it had power, and the fans, which were fairly loud, worked fine, but it just sat there indicating that it was 'waiting for discs'. Since there were four 2TB discs in there, and it hadn't given me that message before I decided it was time to get some technical support.

I went to the Raidon website, but it is not a very english friendly site and does not have good links to their USA branch of the company. Finally, through the Newegg website I was able to get to the USA Raidon website. This was much better, but I determined that the quick user guide is ALL the support that is available for this unit on their website.

Guess I will need to email/call them.

Once again, back to the Newegg website, and I got their tech support phone number.

Me: (dials number)
Raidon Tech Support: Hello?
Me: ???
Me: Is this Raidon?
Raidon: Yes, this is Raidon.
Me: Oh, okay, I have a unit which is having some issues and I need some help getting it figured out.
Raidon: Oh, we can't help you until you email in a trouble ticket.
Me: ???
Me: Okay, how do I go about getting that since it isn't on your website.
Raidon: What's your email address, I will email it to you.
Me: (gives email address)

About ten minutes later I do receive the document in my inbox.

About ten minutes after that, I've sent it to them.

About a week after that, I haven't heard back from them once.

At this point, I'm at the end of the Newegg return period.

Done! I return the product to Newegg as defective. It did not work out of the box, it didn't do what was advertised, it has the worst documentation of about any product I've ever seen, and the small LCD menu does not provide accurate information as to what may be going on. Their final defense against a lousy product, good customer service, was non-existent.

This is a bottom of the line company with no clue how to operate a business. The combination of a poor main website, without links to international operations is severely out of date. The product itself proved to be shoddy in design, and the noisy fans would have proved a huge distraction. Their biggest failing, the customer support which just wasn't there. An extremely unprofessional way to answer the phone, and no response whatsoever to their own established protocols for customer support.

They could not have done one thing better - they should have done EVERYTHING better.

This was a cheap product, and it turned out to be a cheap experience. Zero stars for quality across the board with no redeeming qualities at all.

I went to a Thecus NAS raid unit for about $360.

This was the polar opposite of the Raidon in about every regard. I've put up a full review of the Thecus in that subforum here, and I strongly urge everyone to just save themselves the headache and spent an extra 60 bucks on a far superior unit.
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