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Default Tags in subtitles (SRT, SSA..) your impressions, findings and bugs


So with Dvico now supporting tags on the 6600, i tried a few files, needless to say, it was a hit and miss with this early firmware


What works fine: the italics tag
in SRT. That is solid, no problem.

The color tag actually works in SRT Apparently it can only handle one color per line.
If i take this line:
<font color="ed1840">CREAM <font color="cbc9ca">TEAM</font></font>
which displays in media player classic like this: CREAM TEAM
it displays in grey:

If i switch the color codes
<font color="cbc9ca">CREAM <font color="ed1840">TEAM</font></font>
it displays as expected in red:

Also some fansubbing teams like to use position tags inside SRT, like this:
{\pos(192,220)}At Veridian Dynamics
The 6600 displays these tags on screen, like the 6500 on the first firmwares until dvico started to simply filter them out. I guess a firmware update will take care of that too...


Like the 6500, the 6600 still supports external SSA files, unlike every other players i've ever tested

In their attempt to handle tags, Dvico still has some work to do though...

my test file:

Yesterday, it showed this: see line 31
(the camera is poor, it is actually light pink and white):

other test file (line 32)

So tvix adds pink color, underlines and puts into italics without any reason LOL (or are there different genders in the tvix family and i got a girly tvix? )

Today it showed this without any modification in between! again sorry for low quality, (today's choice was actually purple and dark pink maybe tomorrow i'll get green and yellow...):

SSA file:

line 17

line 21

Note: removing the \N stopped the tvix from changing color, so both lines were purple

It all goes back to normal simply after using the GOTO function (or play another video, then play back first vid)

End of report. =)
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